A photo of all the contents of the Heikala Art Supply Box. The box itself is on the top right, and under it are two ink sets with vibrant labels, three pens and two ink cartridges, and two colored pencils. On the top left there is a black pencil case, below it a bottle of masking fluid, and roll of white washi tape, a yellow sketchbook with a cat on the cover, a block of watercolor paper, two erasers, white poster color, a bottle of black ink, a Pentel Aquash brush, and two Holbein paint brushes.
A photo of the Heikala Art Supply Box. It is an orange cardboard box with four characters holding various art supplies on the cover, and a drawing of a spilt ink bottle on the side.
A photo of the contents of the Heikala Art Supply Box in neat rows, with the box, pencil case, and sketchbooks on top, and ink bottles and pens in rows on the bottom.
A closeup photo of the colored ink bottles included in the box. The color orange is in focus, while the labels on other bottles are blurry.
Heikala Art Supply Box
Heikala Art Supply Box
Heikala Art Supply Box
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Heikala Art Supply Box

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This set has been discontinued and sold out, so it will no longer be restocked. The Heikala Art Supply Box may return in the future with a new line up of art supplies and items!

An art supply box with all of Heikala's favorite tools that she uses every day to create her paintings. This set includes all the essentials for creating paintings with colored inks! It includes some of the tools we receive the most questions about, like the Pentel Pocket Brush pen, Masquepen masking fluid, Rohrer & Klingner colored inks, and synthetic brushes from Holbein. This is a great set for people who'd like to try out the medium of colored inks! The set also includes Heikala's favorite tools for sketching.

Sets are only sent with DHL Express shipping. Free shipping discount codes are not applicable to Heikala Art Supply Box orders.

The set comes with the following tools:


Saunders Waterford Cold Pressed 260 x 180 mm

Neopiko Deleter Sketchbook B5 


Rohrer & Klingner colored inks 12 ml in colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Violet, Sap Green, Orange, and Black 

Nicker poster color, white 

Pens, brushes, and pencils:

Pentel Pocket Brush pen + two refill cartridges

No. 0 and no. 4 synthetic brushes by Holbein

Neopiko line-3  0,3

Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0,4 gel pen

Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencil in Turquoise and Pink

Pentel Aquash Medium

Other tools and things:

ForCOLOR plastic eraser 

Mono plastic eraser 

Masquepen masking fluid

Private Case x Heikala pencil case made from recycled cardboard

Leaflet introducing all the supplies and some personal tips


Unfortunately after years of unsuccessful attempts to ship these items with several different shipping methods we've had to make the difficult decision to stop shipping the Heikala Art Supply Box to certain destinations altogether. These countries include Russia and Mexico, and most Central & South American countries. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Thank you for understanding.


See the video below for a special introduction by Heikala!



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