Print of a colored ink artwork depicting a winter witch. Their clothes have intricate snowflake patterns and their hat is lined with brightly shining ice. They have long light blue hair in two braids, and between their hands a sparkling magical snowflake is forming. They are standing on frozen water, and the ice has cracked in the shape of a snowflake beneath their feet.
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Yuki Onna

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Print of the ink illustration 'Yuki Onna'.

A 21 x 27 cm (8,2 x 10,6 inches) sized print on semirough Rives Tradition 320 g paper.

The print is supported with cardboard and packaged in waterproof case before shipping.

Words from Heikala:

“This colored ink illustration is my witchy reimagining of the Japanese yōkai Yuki-onna. One of my darkest pieces color-wise, this illustration is packed with different lighting effects that were fun and interesting to play with. I especially like the way the light from the character’s hands hits their face! The piece has a lot of small details that I liked sneaking in, such as the small rays of light in the colors of the northern lights raining down from the witch hat.”

Take a look at the creation process of this piece in the video below! 


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