Print of a colored ink artwork depicting an action scene set in a Japanese school classroom. Two characters, a teenage girl in a sailor style school uniform and a small child clinging to her leg, stand on the right side of the image surrounded by a magical forcefield. From the left side huge clawed hands reach towards them, and the girl is holding up her hand to cast protective magic. The lights are off but a faint light from outside suggests early morning.
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After Hours

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Print of the ink illustration 'After Hours'.

A 28,5 x 21 cm (11,2 x 8,3 inches) sized print on semirough Rives Tradition 320 g paper.

The print is supported with cardboard and packaged in waterproof case before shipping.

Words from Heikala:

“This illustration was painted with colored inks by Rohrer & Klingner. It has quite a different, dynamic perspective compared to my other works. I chose to draw the line art in blue for this piece, and I think the outcome complements the atmosphere. It’s fun to see how the changing line weight and opaqueness flow with the motion! The sketch was done in three parts: the background, foreground, and characters all on their own sheets of paper. The piece turned out quite large, and it took a few bottles of blue ink to finish.”

See this painting take form in the process video below! 


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