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Where's my order confirmation?

Check your spam folder! Heikala Shop will send you automated order and shipping confirmations, but unfortunately many email clients flag messages from Shopify as spam (most notably Gmail). If you think you might have made a typo on your email address, contact us and we'll update your information manually.

I made a mistake when typing my address, how do I fix it?

Contact us via email at or the shop's contact form and we'll fix it for you!

How do I cancel my order?

If it hasn't been shipped yet, contact us and we'll refund you in full. Refunds can only be issued on the same card or PayPal account that was used when making the order. Unfortunately orders that have already been shipped cannot be canceled.

When will my order be shipped?

As soon as possible! Usually it will only take a few days to process your order, but during busy periods like the holiday season or special sales campaigns it may take longer, as in general we only have one person in charge of shipping and he's only human. Thank you for your patience!

Where is my tracking number?

If you chose DHL as your shipping method, your tracking number is on the shipping confirmation email we sent you (check your spam folder if you haven't received it). If you chose Standard Shipping, your package has no tracking number or other trackable identification of any kind, so it is impossible to track.

When will my order arrive?

That depends on your location! We ship everything from Oulu, Finland, and naturally the farther away from us you are, the longer it will take for your package to find its way to you.

DHL is fast at 3-7 business days wherever you are, but Standard Shipping is carried as regular letter mail by the postal service and as such may take several weeks. Finnish orders usually take around 1-3 business days to arrive, European around 7-16 business days, and everywhere else anything between 2 and 12 weeks. Please do not enquire after lost packages before at least 30 business days have passed, as delays in the postal system are common and out of our control.

If you need your order by a specific date, e.g. for a birthday present, please consider opting for DHL, as exact transit times are impossible to predict when using Standard Shipping.

Why do you need my phone number?

We will never call you, but DHL needs to be able to contact you to schedule delivery. The package can't be delivered if the courier can't reach you.

I have to pay import tax and service fees for customs clearance! What is that about?

Orders shipped outside the European Union may be subject to import tax, as is the case for most international trade. The tax and other fees are determined by the destination country's customs officials as well as the mail carrier. These fees are not a basis for a refund on our end, as they aren't something we are able to control or reliably predict. By making an order you acknowledge the possibility of additional fees upon import.

Please note that DHL's service fees for customs clearance vary wildly, and in some cases may surpass the value of the order. We've found this to be the case especially in Brazil, so please make an informed decision when choosing your shipping method. Some of these fees can be avoided by handling customs clearance yourself, if that is possible in your country – contact your local DHL representative or customs official if you're unsure.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need any specific information to complete the customs clearance process. We're not experts on every country's import requirements but we'll do our best to help.

Why can I only choose DHL as my shipping method?

The sweaters, The Art of Heikala, and the Heikala Art Supply Box are so large and heavy that DHL is actually the most affordable shipping method for them, which is why we decided not to offer Standard Shipping for them at all. Even with the possible service charges mentioned in the previous segment, DHL still remains the most cost-effective way to ship these products, as you'd still be subject to import tax even with the already much more expensive Standard Shipping option, with the added risk of packages getting lost or damaged in an unreliable postal system.

Unfortunately this means that these items cannot be shipped to destinations outside of DHL's service area.

For some countries we've had to restrict the shipping methods available. For some destinations DHL is the only option, because despite our best efforts packages sent through other means simply don't survive the trip. We're a small business, so sending the same order over and over again just for it to disappear without a trace every single time simply isn't sustainable. Thank you for understanding!

Why can't I choose DHL as my shipping method?

The DHL app for Shopify can be very particular about how an address is typed, so check the way you spelled your city and postal code! As much as one missing space can cause the app to not display any rates. If the rates don't appear no matter what, contact us and we'll check your address for you! We have a lot of experience in battling the app and finding the problem.

Unfortunately DHL won't deliver to individuals in Russia due to the high likelihood of the packages getting seized by customs, so we're not able to offer DHL as a shipping method for Russian orders.

My order was damaged in the mail, what do I do?

Contact us via email at or the shop's contact form and include your name, your order number, and a photograph of the damaged item(s) for a replacement or a refund!

I still have questions!

You can contact us via email or the shop's contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Please note that we won't be able to answer messages during the weekend.

Thank you for reading~
Heikala Team

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