Print of a colored ink artwork depicting a pointy eared mermaid swimming across turquoise water. Above them several blooming cherryblossom branches reach over the water, and fallen petals and blossoms float all around them.
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A Swim in the Spring Art Print

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Print of the ink illustration 'A Swim in the Spring'.

A 27,5 x 21 cm (10,8 x 8,3 inches) sized print on semirough Tintoretto Gesso 350 g paper.

The print is supported with cardboard and packaged in waterproof case before shipping.

Words from Heikala:

"This piece was made in collaboration with Kuretake using their Saiboku Shimbi ink sticks, which are solid sumi ink blocks that you grind with an ink stone and mix with water to create liquid ink. The process was a bit challenging but fun – I enjoyed creating my own inks in a traditional way.

The illustration was made in early spring, and even though the theme is fantastical I tried to capture the nostalgic feeling of Japanese spring. I’m quite happy with how the color gradients and the wet-on-wet technique turned out. This color scheme is a bit unusual for me, which makes the piece stand out."


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