Print of a poster color artwork depicting a character holding a bug-catching net, standing on a stepping stone path across a calm body of water. There is a brown cat on a stone next to them, and above them on the blue sky there are koinobori banners flowing in the wind.
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Koinobori Art Print

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Print of the poster color illustration 'Koinobori'.

A 21 x 27 cm (8,3 x 10,6 inches) sized print on semirough Tintoretto Gesso 350 g paper.

The print is supported with cardboard and packaged in waterproof case before shipping.

Words from Heikala:

“This poster color painting was part of the Spellbinders 2 exhibition at Gallery Nucleus. While poster colors resemble gouache in many ways, they are a new medium for me and I had fun trying out different techniques! Because of the opaqueness of the paint I didn’t use as much masking fluid as I usually would, opting instead to just paint fine details directly on top of the bottom layers of color.

Koinobori are traditionally flown for Children’s Day in Japan, to wish health and happiness to children. I’ve always found them visually fascinating, and I especially love the long lines of koinobori sometimes flown over rivers.”

See this painting come to life in the process video below!

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