Print of a monochromatic greyscale ink artwork depicting a black cat wearing wizard's robes and holding a cat toy as their staff. Their pointy wizard's hat has two points, one for each long ear.
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Wizard Cat Art Print

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Print of the ink illustration 'Wizard Cat'.

A 18 x 21 cm (7 x 8,2 inches) sized print on semirough Tintoretto Gesso 350 g paper.

The print is supported with cardboard and packaged in waterproof case before shipping.

Words from Heikala:

“This monochromatic ink illustration is from October 2020. I painted a similar piece five years prior and wanted to make an updated version in honor of my cat Miura’s 10th birthday. These days I rarely paint character portraits such as this, and even more rarely focusing on animal characters, but I quite enjoyed bringing this little wizard to the new decade.”

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